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Awesome behind the scenes look at how Luke’s Lobster — one of my favorite quick eats in NYC — gets and prepares their fresh Maine lobster for consumption in NYC.


Wow, look at the balloons just glistening in the sunlight! Lovely photo! PHOTOGRAPH BY NEWTON W. GULICK, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC


Taiwan Shanghai is now the place you want to be if you want to try out some fresh snacks shaped like a human penis. The hot dog on a stick which can be bought from a street food vendor is simply a hot dog wrapped in a cake-layer that is formed into the shape of […]

Ok seriously, there needs to be a show that just documents amazing street vendors serving food and drinks. First there was the falafel guy, then there was the pancake-tossing man, and now there’s this spectacular Thai iced tea vendor mixing a drink in Bangkok! What in the world?! [via]

This video hits close to home. Now that I’m basically searching for a job full-time, I come across a lot of job postings that ask for a lot and pay little or nothing at all in return. Granted, some of these job postings I come across are “internships” which is one way companies/people get great […]