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An interesting development here. The Verizon iPhone 5 apparently comes unlocked right out of the box and when you insert an AT&T nano sim car into the phone, you get HSPA+ (4G) speeds. No AT&T LTE unfortunately, but hey, 4G is better than 3G.


So here we go. It’s all but confirmed now that sometime early next year Verizon will start carrying a version of the iPhone 4. It’s a big announcement for those wanting to keep the iPhone but not on AT&T’s network. All is fine and dandy right? Well, not quite. If you like talking and downloading […]


I come upstate to my parents’ place and I find that we now have FiOS internet. I want to move here now.


I almost want to switch to Verizon Wireless for this. But I know that it’s not worth the service price nor is it worth the price of the phone. Bleh.