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WIRED¬†has an awesome article and photo feature on Kirsten Hoving’s work photographing various marble and granite quarries in Vermont. Her series entitled Working Stone¬†is both a testament to human determination and destruction and the earth’s natural beauty and size. Those earth cross sections are so beautiful. Would love to see these places in person one […]

A really peaceful video of a place in Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom. Video shot on a Canon T3i by Josiah Roetker.

Roger Pion, angry over a recent arrest, decided to take a farming tractor to drive over several police cruisers. He took out about half of this police station’s fleet.


Some 30 or so Vermont State Police vehicles were adorned with the decal above which shows a cow with a spot resembling the silhouette of a pig. The visual gaff was made somewhere within the prison system in Vermont which employs prison inmates with the task of printing these decals through a computer program. Very […]