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Chrome is betting heavy on the apparel line with the latest release of the WARM collection. It includes the Chrome WARM Vest ($150), the Chrome WARM Work Shirt ($180), the Chrome Base Cobra sweatshirt ($100), and the Chrome Ike Windshirt ($125), all designed to fit an active lifestyle while keeping you dry, warm, and protected from just about all sorts of weather […]

WOW! This looks amazing! A functional and great looking reflective jacket for cycling! Moderately priced too considering its competition.


Super light-weight. Super warm. I wish I had this this past weekend.

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I really love this Patagonia Slingshot Down Vest in Alaska Blue. It’s not too puffy for a vest and it’s filled with goose-down for that super soft and super warm feel. Maybe I’ll get one for the coming winter months.

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Crescent Down Works is teaming up with J.Crew to bring us at least 2 items for the upcoming winter months. This one here is the North by Northwest Vest and it’s filled with goosedown to keep one toasty even in the most extreme conditions. I want one, yes even for $265.