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Created with OpenXC. Not sure why anybody would need a vibrating shifter unless the car doesn’t have an engine with audible noise and/or vibration.

International Space Station Expedition 31 astronaut Don Pettit uses his computer speakers to test the behavior of non-newtonian fluids in the weightless environment aboard the station. The “climbing” action of the cornstarch is mesmerizing.

Using a Phantom HD Gold camera capable of shooting at 1000fps, Fluke captured these various vibrations on video for the delight of its viewers. [via]

It’s official. I just heard an NYPD police vehicle equipped with the Rumbler siren speed down my street. I certainly felt the vibrations coming from the siren and I am very impressed! These will do well in cutting through all of the distracting NYC noise. I posted previously about the Rumbler and how it uses […]