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Remember Victoria? The sweet, little then-15-year-old girl who made waves on the internet for her stupidity on Maury? She was the one who claimed to have had sex over 300 times with many different men just because she wanted to have a baby. Well, she sorta (???) came to her senses and settled down I […]

This is cool. Callum Cooper shot almost 4000 images of the facades of buildings from East (E6) to West London (SW7). It’s a look at how buildings are mostly the same yet still unique due to their neighborhood wealth and general geography.

My friend Lucky (in the red hat) dancing in front of the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne for a good cause! They are raising awareness for DO IT IN A DRESS, an organization that gives women in Sierra Leone access to education.

Luna Park Flatland BMX from InfinityList on Vimeo. Melbourne, you are my first love.

Melbourne Short Stay Apartments from Mark Franjic on Vimeo. Here’s a promo for the Short Stay Apartments in Melbourne, Australia. This is where I’ll be living in the future.