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It goes without saying that I would want to post this speech. Still looking for an upload of Romney’s concession speech (I think that’s important to remember too).

This video is a bit old (dated November 2008) but I just saw it for the first time after Yelena shared it with me. It’s a video by video remix artist Eclectic Method focused around the now somewhat infamous phrase that Barack Obama uttered as he gave his victory speech on November 4, 2008 after […]


The Countdown to Victory blog is a wonderful collection of videos from around the world showing the exact moment that CNN announced that Barack Obama was the nation’s President-elect. As the tagline of the website suggests, the reactions around the world are very much the same, which goes to show just how popular this President-elect […]


Want to know what the front pages of newspapers look like around the world today (hint: Obama-rama in full effect)? Well, then head over to the Newseum’s archive of daily newspaper front pages where you’ll see 684 different ways that newspapers have decided to call victory for Obama.

This is the video that I shot of the celebration in Union Square last night. The embedded YouTube video might be crap, so go to the YouTube page and watch it in high quality. It was nuts, just nuts. I’m glad I was there for this. I think I’m going to go outside now and […]