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Mark your calendars folks! August 30th marks the first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival put on by OpenField. You can nominate your favorite cat videos using this form until July 30th!

Ed Bassmaster walks around Beverly Hills and convinces random strangers that they are in fact somebody famous. And he actually bumps into Larry King in the process! [via]

Fstoppers got in touch with portrait photographer Peter Hurley and asked him to compare shooting still images with a Haselblad H3D to shooting motion video with a RED Epic and then grabbing still frames from that video. It’s an ambitious task that Peter took on quite nicely and in the end, he says cameras like […]

Using a Kinect and a paired DSLR, you can potentially create depth videos rather easily. The grid-like pattern overlay somewhat reminds me of A Scanner Darkly and overall it’s a pretty neat look. [via]