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In all of the videos I’ve seen in the last week (maybe even the last month), this is my favorite. It’s a video from National Geographic of photographer Carsten Peter venturing into the largest cave system on earth. The cave is located in a remote mountainous region of Vietnam and it’s largely still unexplored. It’s […]


A beautiful photo by my friend Regina Chan (posted at her husband Jon P. Chan’s blog)!

If you’re crossing the street in Vietnam on foot, that’s YOUR FAULT (at least according to other motorists on the road)! [via]


Photographer Greg Girard who photographed the images in the City of Darkness book published a new title last year called Hanoi Calling about the 1000 year anniversary of the founding of the capital city of Vietnam. The series of photos entitled Hanoi Calling can be seen on his website or purchased as a 128-page book. […]


This photo taken by Carsten Peter for National Geographic shows a man standing in the lower half of a massive cavern called Hang Son Doong located in Vietnam. According to National Geographic, a half-mile block of 40-story buildings could fit in this cave. Want to see more photos? Check out this Vietnam cave gallery here.