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Put this giant View Master picture frame on a spinning center and you’ve got yourself a fun little wall accessory! Or maybe you can use it as a Lazy Susan. [via]


Oh Gizmo posted this link to Brooklyn-based Mélangerie Inc., a company that sells custom View Master wedding invitation boxes at 100-sized quantities (and up). This is pretty neat. I was thinking about doing something like this (not for a wedding, but just as a gift of some sort).


Kim and I saw this the other day in Madewell and I got it for a great bargain (with View Master photo disks too)! LOOK!!


Brian Butler has taken the right and left images from Flinstones View-Master slides and combined them into animated stereo GIFs. His collection of Flinstones animated GIFs are available for viewing on his website and they are just a delight to see! If you’ve got a slow connection, I’d be cautious in loading the page as […]