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Fantastic video about how Vimeo is going against the grain for internet video and making some money while doing it.

This is internet gold right here. Semi-famous (if you’ve followed the growth of CollegeHumor or BustedTees) — here’s an interview with Connected Ventures’ Jake Lodwick, Josh Abramson, Ricky Van Veen and Zach Klein (College Humor, Vimeo, BustedTees). Originally published February 14, 2005. New York City.

How did they do this? Is this just a case of replacing an original upload on Vimeo with another video file? I’m curious…

Not entirely new (mostly still recognizable). Here’s Vimeo’s new video player.

Wow, I really loved this short video about the day in the life of humans as played via 200 videos stored on the web (from YouTube and Vimeo). The short film depicts what might happen if the system that shows these videos suddenly went offline.