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I’m sorry, but how could anybody watching this video even believe it’s real? The words were so forced and so quick to come out of each other’s mouth, that it was just so unbelievable to me. And yep, it turns out that this video is a fake. This one was just too easy to tell.

The clarity and scanlines over this video point straight to some later-revealed viral video for sure. Just waiting to see what it’s for.

This is so amazing and funny. Glad to know Orlando is in on the joke as well. I’ve posted the original video below before, but for the sake of finding it easier next time, here it is all in one post.

Going back in time today to one of the earliest internet memes I can remember. Who remembers this?

I could tell right away that this was a viral video just from the way it was filmed. But you don’t know until the end that it’s made by Converse. Also, if you were to skate from DTLA to the ocean…you would be one seriously tired skater. LA ain’t that small.