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Unconventional, I suppose, but damn entertaining and good enough to make even the most seasoned flyer pay attention for a few minutes. Good job Virgin!


BIG NEWS AND GOOD NEWS FOR ME: Virgin America will start flying to and out of Newark Airport. Flights will go to SF and LA at first (beginning April 2nd) and right now you can snag some seats on these inaugural flights! SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I?

Virgin Australia, Virgin America, and Virgin Atlantic got together with director Kat Coiro to produce a movie that spans 3 continents and 28,000 miles. The entire 1-hour film was done in just 20 hours. Should be interesting to watch! Here’s what the LA Times says about it: Titled “Departure Date,” the airborne romance between two […]

I’m really impressed by how smooth I managed to keep the camera during takeoff. Love window seats! Photos of plane wings with clouds in the background never get tiring.