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How have only 60 people watched this fabulous video?! This video from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archive explains how the human eye sees images and compares the eyeball to a camera. The beginning of the video is great too because it shows a 1930s take on how other animals see with their eyes.

There is simply no better advertisement for pet adoption than this. Here’s the story of a dog named Fiona who was found completely blind in both eyes and sitting alone in an abandoned warehouse lot. Two folks from Hope For Paws Animal Rescue picked her up and rehabilitated her and even brought her to a […]

Drawn posted this video of Don Rosa (who is famous for his comic book stories of Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck) talking about what he sees in real life because of a previous retina detachment on his left eye. His vision is very skewed but as he notes, the human brain is capable of amazing […]


The New York Times asked artist and inventor Steven M. Johnson to imagine his vision of the taxi of tomorrow rather than waiting for the official winner to be announced later this year by the TLC. If you want to see Steven M. Johnson’s whimsical and slightly off-kilter ideas, check out this gallery here.

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For those who are ampersand-obsessed, Keep Calm Gallery is selling this neat ampersand vision eye chart for about $47 USD. The chart is only printed in limited editions of 110 and each one is signed by the artist Douglas Wilson. [via]