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A really fascinating piece from The Verge about how companies like Nuance are using voice actors likes Allison Dufty to create artificial intelligence that is helping us in our vehicles, game consoles and phones. If Allison’s voice sounds familiar, it’s mainly because it’s widely assumed (although not confirmed by any one source) that her voice […]

Casimir Nozkowski directed this short film about Hal Douglas and his impressive reel of voice acting. You may not know his face, but Hal has been the voice behind many TV show promos, movie trailers, and television commercials. Here he is talking about his line of work.

Charlie Pellett is the man behind the automated male voice in the NYC Subway System. He’s a New Yorker and a radio personality for Bloomberg financial radio! Cool!


The Verge has an awesome post about two individuals — friends actually — who you may recognize due to their voice. They are Carolyn Hopkins and Jack Fox, two individuals who are the voices used in automated paging systems in over 110 airports as well as the NYC Subway system. They were both asked by Innovative Electronic Design […]

Google Voice Search is so much faster and smarter than Siri. I gladly gave up the iOS integration of Siri over actual usefulness of spoken searches. So glad this is available FOR FREE!