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And then you get Google to do it 50 times. It’s a digital game of telephone that ends rather humorously.

Now that we’ve got a phone line for Doobybrain, here is 1 (of many I’m sure) of the odd voicemails we field from time to time. Usually it’s just press, but randomly we’ll get something like this that sounds like it’s trying to say something, but really, it’s just gibberish.

This is hilarious! According to Public School this video was posted by the Alama Drafthouse in Austin, TX after an angry patron left a voicemail for them following an incident in which she was kicked out of the theater for using her phone during the movie. The Alamo Drafthouse has a strict no-cellphone policy and […]

Nothing like a hilarious drunk message to start your weekend off right! Enjoy this one and all the fancy text formatting that goes along with it! By the way, I had no idea Jamba Juice was the same as eBay.