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Haha, so jarring to see Pam played by such a different looking person than her drawn character. But hey, TELEVISION!

Starslip unearthed this rare clip of David Prowse, the actor who plays Darth Vader, saying Darth Vader’s lines before James Earl Jones stepped in for the voiceover. Watching this video will certainly turn your Star Wars world upside down. Thanks Norman!


Taking cues from the incredible success of the most recent iPod shuffle, Apple announced today the introduction of their newest line of Mac computer, the iMac shuffle. Encased in the same familiar aluminum body as the iMac, the iMac shuffle does away with the screen and all ports to leave you with the simplest computer […]


As you might have heard, Apple released a new iPod shuffle today and lots of people are mad about the proprietary headphones that are needed to actually use the device. But what people really should be mad at is the terrible VoiceOver technology, which is nothing more than text-to-speech. And if you’ve ever used any […]