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Why am I so behind on all of this?! Matty Collector apparently released a giant 23″ Voltron last year made up of very big Voltron cats that feature one-touch transformations. They’re on eBay for about $85 each which means your resulting whole Voltron may cost upwards of $500. Eeks!

I never realized how awesome this song was. The original, the best. I still don’t understand why they didn’t just always use the Blazing Sword though. Would have cut episodes down to like 10 minutes I guess.

Did you know that THQ released a Voltron video game for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network? It actually doesn’t look terrible and you can finally control when Voltron uses his giant sword (at the beginning of a fight rather than as a last resort).

You know, I never noticed the uncoordinated color combinations. But now I will never not see it.

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This costume is absolutely fantastic! Anybody know the original source of the image? [via]