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Surface Switch Book from Takashi Kondo on Vimeo. Look at this project that uses conductive ink and paper to activate lights and sounds. Imagine a whole house built with this technology!


The Chasing Delicious store now stocks these nice looking kitchen conversion charts each for $24. Get one today! [via]

This shiba-inu right here can control the sound of his bark on command. Want him to bark softer? Just say so (in Japanese). [via]


I’ve wanted this book since it went on sale in 2003, and after nearly 6 years of waiting I can finally call The Complete Far Side my own. This 2-volume set contains all 14 years’ worth of Far Side comic archives from the 1980′s until 1994 when Gary Larson called it quits on the comic. […]


Send these internet test bars to the person you think would have their volume turned up the highest. [via]