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The Alarm Monitoring Company presents the Vuvutech 5000, an alarm system that uses 5 air horns attached to 5 vuvuzelas which is then hooked up to an alarm system. If somebody triggers the alarm, that person is immediately brought to the scene of an international soccer arena. Yay.

The vuvuzela is the secret favorite of many classic composers. Duh. [via]

Tags: Atom.com,Atom Originals,Atom Blog,Upload Videos Taking a cue from 2009′s hit movie District 9, Atom Films decided to travel back to South Africa to see just how local authorities are dealing with those who play the vuvuzela. It turns out, many of them have been quarantined in what is known as District 11. But from […]

DOOM just got a lot more interesting with the introduction of the ultimate weapon: the vuvuzela! Death to everyone’s ears!


This isn’t a joke. YouTube now has a dedicated vuvuzela button on their video player. Just click the soccer ball at the bottom right of each video player and hear the joyous noise of the vuvuzela invade your speakers.


Haha, thanks Oats & Iron! This piece of music shouldn’t be too hard to learn.