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Cast & Salvage bring us this video directed by Andrew David Watson about creative individuals and tinkerers who wait out those cold winter days and nights until warmer weather comes along. Until then, tinker away! Great short video!

IMG 3657 from Gothamist on Vimeo. I love how these Whole Foods shoppers in line at the Bowery Whole Foods aren’t moving to rush out of the location after a fire set off sprinklers in the aisle right next to them.

Brian posted this crazy video of a traffic jam filled with not a single normal vehicle. It’s all exotics and supercars in this line-up. The vehicles were apparently leaving Gurston House to arrive as one giant convoy to the Wilton House Supercars 2011 event. MAD!

An investigative report on the line to go into Chelsea Manor, a happenin’ NY club on 25th Street…

I loved this video from Engineer Guy about the science and reasoning behind why some lines always seem to move faster than the one you are currently standing in. By explaining the research of Danish engineer Agner Erlang, this video might better help you beat the lines this holiday season — or at least put […]