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Funny Or Die’s response to walking in NYC as a woman. Not to be taken seriously, obviously.

This has been making the rounds I guess, but I just got around to watching it.┬áThe video features a woman named Shoshana B. Roberts walking around NYC and being cat-called over 100 times in the span of over 10 hours. It was made by Rob Bliss and Hollaback to show why street harassment is not […]

Walking. The easiest and best thing you can do for your body. A great book to read on the subject of walking and city design is Walkable City.

I was in DC recently and remembering feeling like it was a great place to walk around.

This is a little unsettling yet cool. Simon Bousisson filmed himself walking around in Tokyo backwards and then replayed the video in reverse so that he is walking “normally” and everybody else is walking backwards.