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Wow, the world really has changed hasn’t it? Kids these days don’t know what a Walkman is?


Photo: Grant Hutchinson Coudal shared this small Flickr photoset of Sony Walkmans photographed by Grant Hutchinson. The photos are very big, so feel free to zoom in and pretend to click those buttons.


I was actually looking for a decent-sized image of the Sony Walkman TPS-L2 and I’m glad Scott found a photo of it. Retro and beautiful. That color scheme is poppin’!


Nike Skateboarding in Brazil is coming out with these limited edition Cezar Gordo SB Dunk Low’s. They feature a see-through sole and a Sony Walkman-inspired headphone cord tangled all around the shoe. The shoe is a great combination of navy blue, grey, and yellow and only 480 will be made. Unless you know somebody in […]