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I didn’t know this but I could see how it would make sense. The Wall Street Journal posted this video on the fishing industry’s practices in renaming and essentially “rebranding” fish as some other fish to sell more fish to people who wouldn’t otherwise know any better.


Have you visited the Wall Street Journal’s Photo Journal today? If you have, you might notice a big change that has many readers annoyed. Yep, they changed their site format to a paginated slideshow. That means that you have to click a link every time you want to see the next image. If you’re as […]


Photo: Marcelo del Pozo/Reuters The Wall Street Journal Photo Journal is another wonderful photo blog similar to The Big Picture (Boston Globe) that features bigger news photos than most traditional news sites. While the WSJ Photo Journal is less focused per post (it’s more of an overview of the biggest news stories for that day), the content […]