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Brioni Master Tailors created this adorable wrist suit for the Wallpaper Handmade 2012 video series.


Ooh! How pretty are these Japanese vintage paper-wrapped pencils? They come in a set of 10 for $9!


Photographer unknown, but picture from fstoppers This is like a Polaroid of a Polaroid! Here, photographer Charles O’Rear who is famous for taking the “Bliss” wallpaper found in Windows XP, holds a framed photo of his iconic picture in front of the actual hillside in California where it was taken. META!

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Paris-based 5.5 designers is the studio behind this fantastic tic-tac-toe wallpaper that I think would look really awesome once it gets all filled in. I’d love to line my walls with this since I already write on my walls anyway.

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Bomelycreative has been uploading a new iPhone wallpaper every Monday and this particular one above with eggs and bacon is just adorable. If you want to see more from this iPhone wallpaper collection, check out Bomelycreative’s iPhone Flickr photoset.