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All you ever wanted to know about giant, long walls.

Catching up with the Curator: White House Fire of 1814 from The White House on Vimeo. So I just learned that the color of The White House serves both an aesthetic purpose and a protective one as it keeps the sandstone walls from deteriorating from the natural elements. What’s more, there are actually still remnants […]

The Utah State University “Ascending Aggies” just won $100,000 from the Air Force to further develop this early prototype of a wall-climbing device that uses gigantic suction pads attached to a vacuum-like device on the climber’s back. It’s noisy, but it works well, so hopefully they can do something about the noise to make this […]


Our apartment got a fresh coat of paint this past week. And this new bike is enjoying the extra space. For those of you waiting on word about these bikes I keep posting about, please hang in there and be patient. There’s been some hold-up with launching the website and I believe it should be […]

Wired UK is reporting on this lovely contraption made by Swedish artist Akay of a trailer that attaches to a bicycle and spray paints a perfect rainbow arch on any wall lined up against it. The end result is a must-see! I want one!! [via]