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What an interesting place! I really loved the LA Natural History museum and would love to go to this whale warehouse.

The clearest and most concise video I’ve seen yet about these magical warehouse stock retrieval robots. These warehouses have “human exclusion zones” so they don’t mess up the flow of the robots. Weird, huh!


This is pretty awesome. Anthony Toth, a resident in Redondo Beach, built a life-size replica of the interior of a PanAm 747. The replica sits inside a rather unassuming warehouse where guests can lounge, eat, and enjoy themselves in the comforts of the golden age of of aviation — without actually having to leave the […]


Photo: Reuters/John Gress In Focus has posted more photos of that Chicago warehouse fire that turned the building into a block of ice.


Photo: Robert R Gigliotti Colossal has posted some incredible photos of a warehouse fire in Chicago a few weeks ago that was properly put out during freezing temperatures causing the exterior to resemble an icebox. Check out more photos of this odd phenomenon here. Actually, it’s not that odd, but I guess it’s not every […]