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See the photo above? Let it serve as a stern warning to never put any carbonated drink in the freezer. As Food Beast notes, putting carbonated drinks in the freezer is a terrible idea and one that could have you badly injured. This kid here opened a frozen carbonated drink and ended up needing 38 […]


A couple of folks watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the other night saw this very, very unusual weather intro/transition between commercial breaks. Basically, somebody in the control room decided to add a scary face into the mix. WTH…

Set to the soundtrack from Inception of course! It’ll be interesting to see the NYPD website down because of this warning.

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Paul posted a link to some fake-but-still-disgusting images from the set of Piranha 3D (which comes out later this year). If you can stomach the nastiness, here’s a sneak peek at what you should expect from the film. WARNING: The chewed up bodies really do look like…chewed up bodies.

There’s been a lot of response from fellow celebrities lately on the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna beating incident, and so far, most of the responses have either been apathetic to the situation or completely illogical (meaning, It’s ok. We can look past the beating he gave). With recent reports of the celebrity couple getting […]