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“GE used Bernoulli’s principle, which gives airplane wings lift and allows planes to fly, to build a new “smart” washing machine that knows exactly how much detergent and softener your laundry needs and dishes out the right dose.” That’s the description given in the video link, but I sort of wished that they had gone […]

Haha, can’t believe somebody remixed this video to this song! The original video is here.

I thought about skipping this post because of its graphic and scary nature, but since there’s a couple stupid enough to do this, I’m assuming there’s gotta be other couples thinking this is a good idea too. And there are apparently. This couple in the video above wanted to scare their child by shoving him […]

A similar video was posted previously on Doobybrain but for some reason this one seems a lot more interesting to watch. You know what happens already. Watch the video to see how it gets there. [via]

It starts off pretty slowly, but just keep watching to see the washing machine go into an epileptic fit!