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This is perfection. Nomos-Glashütte released this video showing just how precise their watchmakers must be day to day when assembling their timepieces.

Shinola, the same folks making those awesome bicycles in Detroit, is now making watches too! This company is sticking with this city and helping its citizens get back to work making wonderful things right here in the USA.

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Have I posted this already? I forget and I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere so here it goes. How delicious do these watches look? They are from the Uniform Wares collection and sell for $129. Unfortunately, they are all either sold out or on pre-order.


A customer came into the store just the other day and bought a T-shirt. As he was pulling out his credit card to put the purchase through, I noticed a boxy but very stylish watch on his wrist. I put the sale through, and as I waited for the transaction to finish, I asked him […]