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I’m excited to hear that WD-40 will finally put out a line of products specifically for bikes. I always wondered why they hadn’t already given the fact that most people associate WD-40 with loosening and lubricating sticky joints. But up until now, WD-40 was NOT recommended as it actually does the opposite of what you […]

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If you missed the announcement, WD-40 has released a limited edition “Now & Then” packaging design that brings back the original vintage yellow and black WD-40 can. In terms of actual product, nothing has changed with the WD-40 formula and that’s a good thing because it’s been proven to work in so many different ways […]

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To celebrate 57-ish years of WD-40 on the market, WD-40 is releasing this limited edition collector’s can that mimics the original look of the WD-40 can in 1953. The “new” vintage can does nothing to the WD-40 formula so you can rest assured that each WD-40 can will still have 2000+ official uses. If you […]


According to the New York Times article on the death of John S. Barry, the man not responsible for the invention of WD-40 but the ubiquitous sale of the product, the name WD-40 stands for “water displacement, formulation successful in 40th attempt”. Back in 1953 at the Rocket Chemical Company, it took employees 40 attempts […]