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Ryan Kothe made this video called Worn Out showing different objects being worn down over time.

My goal with Doobybrain.com is to eventually post something on everything in the world. With this post here, I have completed the “how to put yourself inside of a coat” segment of the Doobybrain.com journey. I will congratulate myself now. HA HA HA.

This cat knows how to put on a hat! Thank you Mark!

Ride with a Buddy! from Sara Kinney on Vimeo. This is by far the best pro-helmet PSA I’ve ever seen. It was created by Halston Bruce and Inbar Kishoni and filmed and edited by Sara Kinney. [via]


It took me years to train him right, but it seems like Joey is now obedient enough for me to give him a hat to wear. My previous attempts to get him to wear a hat were often met with massive head shaking and a trampling of the head gear.