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Creepy creepy! NYU professor Wafaa Bilal has had a titanium plate implanted into his skull so that he can attach a webcam to the back of his head and capture an image every minute for an entire year. Bilal says the camera (which he calls “The 3rd I”) and his images will be featured in […]

Earlier this evening I posted a hilarious video of a girl who laughs hysterically at her face in her webcam’s special effects output. Well, I just found out that somebody reversed-engineered the special effects in the video and brings us the equally amusing video above of the same girl with a normal face. Still so […]

ROFL! This kid totally knocks down her sister as she’s trying to dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Man, I never thought busting into a room and screaming “HANDS UP!” could ever be so funny. [via]

Everyone but The Situation is funny in this video. The Situation is boring. This video is fantastic though. More Pauly D, more!