Tag: Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog made this film for AT&T to discourage texting and driving. It’s a split-second decision that could mean life and death (or paralysis) for not only you but for those on the road ahead of you as well. This short includes several stories from real people who were directly affected by texting and driving, […]

I haven’t seen Joshua Oppenheimer’s “The Act of Killing” yet, but I’ve heard some stuff about it and now Werner Herzog and Errol Morris have convinced me that I need to watch it. The film is a documentary about celebrated death squadrons in Indonesia who are responsible for the murders and deaths of many people. […]

Werner Herzog has a film called Happy People that follows a year in the life of a group of people living in the village of Bakhta along the Yenisei River in Siberian Taiga. Secluded, simple, and utterly fascinating — this is a film I can’t wait to watch!

German film director Werner Herzog does a dramatic reading of Adam Mansbach sleeper hit Go The Fuck To Sleep. The book has been available on Amazon for less than $10 if you want to do your own recording of this book for everyone’s amusement!

German director Werner Herzog serves as the voice of this immortal plastic bag as it searches for its maker and soon realizes that it has outlived just about everything else on Earth. This is a great short film that shows how using plastics has affected our environment and will have consequences far beyond our own […]