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One of my favorite new periodicals this past year has been The Collective Quarterly. They had their debut issue, Issue 00, about Marfa, and now they are moving on to pre-orders for their next quarterly edition, Issue 01. This time, it’s all about the great American West, Absaroka, somewhere in Montana. The preview of Issue […]


This collection known as Hybrid from Seletti uses fine China to juxtapose images of traditional Eastern and Western plates in one setting. The designs were done by CTRLZAK and are based off of the CeramiX Art Collection.

Two photographers, Diane Cook and Len Jenshel, drove through the American West in search of tumbleweeds to photograph.

Tumbleweeds completely cover a West Texas home

A perfect storm of of high winds, dry conditions, and just plain bad luck all culminated in this one West Texas man having his home completely covered by tumbleweeds. The sight is certainly something.

Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow from Tim White on Vimeo. For Keio University’s Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow campaign, Tim White put together this video showing the Eastern and Western influences in the city of Tokyo. A bit of old, a bit of new, a bit of new! Can’t wait to travel here and see this all […]