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Photo: Michael Goodine Above is the most Western section of the Great Wall of China. And below is the most Eastern which extends partially into the sea. Photo: Andrew Wong/Getty Images

Searching for West from Helio Collective on Vimeo. Hello Creative filmed this stunning video called Searching For West about a man named Mark Seacat who is deeply in love with nature and finds himself missing the earliest days of his newborn son, West, back at home. Every single shot and angle in this video is […]


Escape from Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West is a new book written by Blaine Harden about a man named Shin Dong-hyuk who is the only person in history to ever escape from North Korea into the Western world. The book trailer below paints an amazing story […]


The Western Hemisphere (click to enlarge) NASA has released on Flickr two new images of Earth to add to the Blue Marble image collection. One image shows the Western Hemisphere and the other shows the Eastern Hemisphere. The Wall Street Journal has a small write-up about the new images. Here’s the Eastern Hemisphere below (click […]