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EPIC WAVES. You have to watch this video in full HD. Nothing like seeing waves the size of buildings crashing down on someone.


Commoner FilmsĀ made this short video about Bahen & Co. Chocolate based in Western Australia. They are a complete “bean to bar” chocolate maker using only natural ingredients — cacao beans and cane sugar. I’ve never tasted these bars for myself, but they do look delicious in this video!

Western Australia’s Central Institute of Technology put out this ad to recruit more students. It gets weird.


These waves are incredible!! Looks like the video is not embeddable. So here’s the link.

Images of Western Australia from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo. Here’s some beautiful moving images of Western Australia shot by Michael Fletcher (of Christian Fletcher). This short film was put together to show off some of Canon’s equipment that was being put to use by this photographer. Breathtaking scenery.