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Wow, this is pretty cool. Western Digital has put out a bus-powered RAID hard drive that’s portable. No AC power adapters needed. It comes in 2TB and 4TB models for $300 and $430 respectively. The RAID can be set up for RAID 0 or RAID 1 and it connects via Thunderbolt for super-fast transfers.


Western Digital has released its first set of routers ever in the company’s history. The 4 new routers — called My Net routers — prioritize internet video and streaming content making video always crisp even while somebody on the network is downloading a large file. There are storage options as well to make the router […]


If you’re looking for a good 3TB hard drive, Tekserve has the Western Digital 3TB My Book Studio with FireWire and USB 2.0 is available for a very low price of $219. This is the lowest out of anywhere that I’ve seen.

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This is the most beautiful portable hard drive I’ve seen from Western Digital in some time. The 1TB My Passport Studio will run for about $179 and come with dual FireWire 800 ports and one micro-USB port. I want to exchange mine for one of these.


Got news this morning that Western Digital’s My Book Studio external desktop harddrives are now made of brushed aluminum just like their Mac desktop counterparts (these are marketed for Mac professionals mainly because of the FireWire ports). The My Book Studios were made with plastic before so this is a nice touch. Buy a 3TB […]


Amazon.com sent over a WD Elements 1.5TB external harddrive today and I’m just setting it up now as a mass storage drive for my music, movies, and digital photos. Freeing up some free space on my laptop so that it’ll weigh a bit less, y’know? Thanks Amazon! By the way, these are the icons for […]