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Never tried this before, but apparently Tekdry’s method is much faster and just as safe.

Chrome is betting heavy on the apparel line with the latest release of the WARM collection. It includes the Chrome WARM Vest ($150), the Chrome WARM Work Shirt ($180), the Chrome Base Cobra sweatshirt ($100), and the Chrome Ike Windshirt ($125), all designed to fit an active lifestyle while keeping you dry, warm, and protected from just about all sorts of weather […]

This is kind of like the paper towel with NeverWet video. Not sure why anybody would want to do this, but IF you needed to make sure your sponge didn’t get wet, well, NeverWet does the job well.

NeverWet is super-hydrophobic coating that you can spray on just about anything to repel water. We showed off a demo of this product back in 2011 and now Rust-Oleum has teamed up with the founders to bring this amazing product to market. Get 2 cans of it here for $20.