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This is crazy. Photojojo is selling an SLR lens mount for the iPhone 4 for $190. The lens mounts via a whole separate case that you have to put around the iPhone 4 and renders the phone un-pocketable. Little details are out about the SLR lens mount for now, but it doesn’t look like the […]

Absolutely! I agree! Perfectly stated! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Wonderful!!

OKKKAAAAAYYYYY. I don’t even know. Here’s an extra bonus video of Lil Niqo rapping at a radio station in Atlanta.

Holy crap. The Church of Scientology has a state-of-the-art printing and distribution facility that measures 185,000 square feet in size. It can print, sort, create, and send out enough mailers for every Church of Scientology around the world and the facilities are nothing less than breathtaking. I’m sure this is every graphic designer’s dream come […]