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Sometimes simple product packaging is bad and bland. And sometimes it works really well as is the case here for Kings County Distillery’s Chocolate Flavored Whiskey. Each 200ml bottle is $20 right now (on sale!). ᔥ Uncrate

Journeyman Distillery – ” The Adventure of Spirit” from Jerry Rig on Vimeo. Two videos of distilleries in 1 night? Incredible! And I still don’t understand what’s going on. But everything is so pretty! [via]

GIZMODO – Making Rye Whiskey at the New York Distilling Company from Gizmodo on Vimeo. There are a ton of things I know nothing about, and making whiskey is certainly on that list. Even after watching this video, which I loved by the way, I have no idea how it’s all done. I just liked […]

The Birth of a Barrel from Travis Robertson on Vimeo. Travis Robertson ventures into the Brown Forman Cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky to film this short piece on how a Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel is made. So damn cool to watch.

This is pretty neat. Bushmills and actor Elijah Wood are teaming together to bring a limited edition box set of 7″ vinyls to the masses which include classic tunes curated especially by the actor. If you’re interested and feeling lucky, Bushmills is giving away one set of these vinyls plus a Bushmills turntable on their […]

Gardner Dunn who works at The Summit in NYC’s alphabet city, explains in this video on why the hand-carved ice ball is a superior choice for ice compared to the standard ice cube. More surface area to cool whisky (and other drinks) and also a much cooler process to watch.