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Check out this insane stop-motion battle between an animator and his creation on a whiteboard. This is dedication to the craft.

Umm, smallest whiteboard in existence? What teacher uses a whiteboard like this??? This is a prime example of finding a fix for a problem by not actually fixing the problem.

Check out this music video from Nach for the song “Los Elegidos” featuring Akhenaton and Talib Kweli. It features SUSO33 painting on a whiteboard with paint markers over and over again. It’s messy, but it’s very nice to look at.

Steven Johnson, author of several books including Everything Bad is Good for You, gives a short speech about where good ideas come from and how to actively cultivate them. The talk is part of a promotion that Penguin Books USA is doing to promote Steven’s new book Where Good Ideas Come From which you can […]

Wow, check out this neat project from Dave Verlee of the University of Illinois who combined Johnny Lee’s open-source Wiimote tracking project with a projector and the Nintendo Wii to create a virtually limitless array of guitar pedals and effects. The whole board is controlled with a custom-made “toe mouse” and works quite flawlessly as […]