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Did you know this? Whole Foods has an online magazine called Dark Rye that looks very nice and also produces a lot of its own content.

IMG 3657 from Gothamist on Vimeo. I love how these Whole Foods shoppers in line at the Bowery Whole Foods aren’t moving to rush out of the location after a fire set off sprinklers in the aisle right next to them.

Fog and Smog made this music video about fighting for space in a Whole Foods parking lot. You can download the MP3 for free here. Thanks Ruthie!


Here’s an interesting thing to note (and you can do what you want with the information): Racked says that Whole Foods employees are not allowed to touch any customer, even if the customer is caught stealing. As you can imagine, this means that it is allegedly very easy to steal anything from Whole Foods without […]


Mountain Valley Spring Water comes in a very nice glass bottle. You can pick them up at Whole Foods.