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Eye-Fi has just released their new mobi card which creates an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network between your camera and your Android or iOS mobile device so that you can instantly see the shots from your camera on your phone. Great for those who want to post their camera photos to Instagram without having to go through […]

Instead of spending $600 on the official Canon wireless adapter, this slightly bulkier option costs only $50, and in the end, it’s still not even that bulky! The only thing you need to worry about is running power to the $50 Netgear wireless router, but other than that, this “hack” is relatively easy to set […]


For T-Mobile and AT&T customers, 36 stations in the NYC Subway System now have free Wi-Fi for you to use. And not only that, you can make calls from within said stations as well.


I just recently heard about this service from Karma that does a little something extra with those 4G hotspots you see from Sprint and Clear Wireless. With a Karma 4G hotspot, you pay as you go for internet and on top of that, if you share your Wi-F connection with others, you automatically get 100MB […]

Instashare: An app that makes it easy to transfer files over the air between iOS devices and your Mac

The latest version of Mac OS comes with AirDrop, a super simple way to transfer files of any type between Mac computers in the vicinity. This is great, but what if you wanted to transfer files to a nearby iOS device or between two iOS devices? That’s where Instashare comes in. It’s a super simple […]