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This is so awesome. Taking the ultrawide 11-24mm Canon EF lens to some tiny shops in Hong Kong. Look at this handmade, hand-carved Mah Jong shop in Hong Kong.

Oh so this wide angle conversion just turns the X100s into a 28mm? Interesting… Also, I just learned about this Adobe Lens Profile Downloader¬†for Lightroom.


I had no idea there was a Wide Conversion Lens for my X100S that makes the angle of view equivalent to a 28mm on a 35mm camera. It’s a pricey accessory though at $320.


The British Journal of Photography is reporting that Gray’s of Westminster has located and sold a super-rare Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye lens for ¬£100,000. What’s more, Gray’s of Westminster has uploaded video of the lens being placed onto a Nikon D800 to see on video what the lens is capable of seeing. Images by Tony […]


Took this tonight at Grand Central Terminal. I don’t own my own ultra-wide-angle lens, so I make due with what I do have which is a standard lens and image stacks. The result is usually just as satisfying as shooting with a wide-angle. I like this one.