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Panasonic built this camera rig comprised of 4 16:9 HD cameras that uses software to automatically align each camera’s image edge with the next camera’s. While it wouldn’t make much sense now to view anything at 64:9, the practical implication here is that one could essentially film a super-wide shot of any event and zoom […]

Generally speaking, a progressive city planner’s nightmare: super-duper wide streets and super-duper long blocks. This is Salt Lake City, Utah! There’s no need for any of this AT ALL.

You already saw the KRINK collaboration of this, now here’s a video of the insane Montana Cans Ultra Wide 750ml spray paint can.

I’m mesmerized by the 2 non-Japanese looking girls speaking Japanese and the fact that this house is fully livable despite its cramped space. [via] But seriously, despite the small space this house actually looks quite inviting to live in. I don’t think I’d mind at all if this was my place.


I’ve been using the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM a lot at work lately and I’m in love with it. I get to use a pretty extensive range of high-end Canon lenses in my line of work and so far my favorite really is this wide-angle zoom. It’s so damn versatile and sharp and […]