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I don’t want Apple to implement this exactly, but I do want the option to “peek” into my icons for quick info.

PBS Newshour has released a handy widget to track how much oil is actually leaking into the Gulf Coast due to BP’s damaged oil pipe. The widget takes into account several different estimations of how much oil is being leaked per day. The most shocking part? That the worst-case scenario, which says that over 4 […]


This isn’t an April Fools joke. Honda has actually released an interactive desktop widget version of their infamous humanoid robot ASIMO so you can play with him on your desktop. The widget is tiny and really serves to just give you Honda news, but I guess it’s fun for a little while.


I really hope the next big update to Mac OS comes with some sort of hotkey for locking your computer. I’ve mentioned how you can use the Mac app LockTight to implement a hotkey for locking your computer, but it seems silly that this isn’t a native and standard keystroke on all Mac systems. Until […]