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From game-maker Ubisoft comes this title called We Dare that encourages couples to play together in a variety of sexy challenges that include apple-eating, butt-spanking, and stripping (??). Nope, this isn’t some sort of parody. It’s a real game currently only available in the UK.

Zoo Games Inc. and Sanrio have come together to bring us Hello Kitty Seasons, a new video game for the Nintendo Wii that includes Hello Kitty and all of the Sanrio world characters in one cute package. Smiles and tiny eyes all around! This one is for Joyce!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mario, Nintendo is releasing Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii so you can play all of the past classic Mario games in one game sitting. It’s essentially the same as the 1993 SNES game cartridge just made for the Wii — but this is worth it if you don’t […]

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. Grease, the 1-star rated Wii game on Amazon gets reviewed by the guys at Bleep Bloop. Looks like a ton of fun!

Waking up in the same place every morning is boring. That’s the premise the people behind the software and hardware configuration called Winscape are going by. Winscape is basically two HD plasma displays that can display a scene based on the relative position of the viewer. Which means that it’s not just two large TVs […]