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Pierre Stachurska and his friend Stine traveled the Patagonian mountains and came back with this video of their amazing adventure. So nice!

Where is your Wilderness from Salomon on Vimeo. This is a beautifully shot video. Not sure what it’s for though.


Eric Valli spent several years with 4 groups of people who decided to drop all modern technologies and start living in the wilderness with the earth. The images are eye-opening to somebody like me who can’t imagine living without internet access for more than a day. These folks have done it for years though and […]

Ben Trovato posted this video called Rise from Alexandra Roxo that’s a video lookbook for Suzanne Rae’s SS 2012.

Carly Palmour filmed this short video about Thomas Wilson and his intense dedication to protecting and preserving Perry Lakes Park in Marion, Alabama. If you want to find out more about the background on why this is such an important issue for Thomas Wilson, read up about it here.