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Hey! William Eggleston’s At Zenith (published by Steidl) is now available for $47 on Amazon! If you don’t already know, this book is all about William Eggleston’s fascination with photographing clouds!


So stoked about this!!! Gagosian Gallery is hosting a new exhibition of William Eggleston’s photographs beginning October 26th. During a 1978 road trip from Georgia to Tennessee, Eggleston photographed the sky from the car window using an early instant camera. The resulting images evoked small fragments of classical frescoes. The following day, he lay on […]


I’ve heard of film photographers carrying the same camera body around loaded with different film for different situations, but for some reason it never really registered in my head what it would look like. Here’s William Eggleston taking a photo of his Leica film camera collection with a [gasp] Fujifilm X-Pro 1 digital camera. It’s […]